3 Important Things to Know About the HCG Diet

3 Important Things to Know About the HCG Diet

Thinking about choosing the HCG Diet to lose your extra pounds? Anytime someone needs to lose weight, it is essential that they first learn about the diet they are interested in following. General practitioners are medical professionals who can provide them with this information.

About weight loss treatment

The only way someone can know for sure whether or not a particular diet is a right choice for them is by making an appointment with a medical professional. This appointment allows them to be fully evaluated, which in turn allows medical professionals to offer them their professional advice. The HCG diet is a medically supervised weight loss program, making it so those who choose to undergo this weight loss treatment will be managed by a medical professional.

3 Things to know about the HCG diet

The information below is on the topic of what everyone needs to know before choosing the HCG weight loss treatment method.

1. Patients are given predetermined doses of HCG

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a natural hormone that is produced in the placenta of women who are pregnant. This natural protein hormone is used because it helps support the body's ability to produce certain hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones. The reason why these particular hormones are used is that they can help one’s body maintain a lean body mass while they are following a diet that is helping them lose weight.

2. Patients must follow a low-calorie diet

Every patient who chooses to follow the HCG diet will be given a low-calorie diet plan to follow. This low-calorie diet often requires patients to only consume about 500 calories a day. Patients will be given all of the details they need in order to follow this low-calorie diet plan, making it so all they have to do is follow the plan personally made for them. While patients must carefully follow the low-calorie diet provided to them, they can drink as much water as they want during the day, as well as coffee and tea.

3. The HCG diet is divided into three phases

The first phase of the HCG diet is called the loading phase. This phase requires patients to start taking HCG right away while eating plenty of high fat and high-calorie foods for the next 48 hours. The second phase is called the weight loss phase, this phase requires patients to continue taking HCG and now only eat 500 calories a day for somewhere in between three and six weeks. The third phase of the HCG diet is called the maintenance phase. This phase requires patients to stop taking HCG and then gradually start increasing their food intake. It is necessary for patients during this third and final phase to avoid consuming any sugars or starches for at least three weeks.

The bottom line

Are you considering choosing the HCG diet after reading the above information? For those who have decided that undergoing this diet is the right choice, they need to make a consultation appointment to get the process started.

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