What is HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

What is HCG Weight Loss Treatment?

HCG weight loss treatment can help you lose weight unlike any other weight loss treatment! Even better, you'll never feel starved while using Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) to enhance your weight loss. Not only is this hormone used to address fertility issues, but it also has many uses to help patients lose fat! HCG weight loss treatment consists of combining the hormone, HCG, with a low-calorie diet in order to progress weight loss significantly.

How HCG Treatment Helps With Weight Loss

HCG Treatment targets fat loss by giving your metabolism a "boosted" effect. By converting your stored body fat into energy, you can effectively achieve your weight loss goals. Even better, HCG treatment offers other added benefits, such as:

  • Elevating other hormone levels

  • Promotes fat loss while preventing muscle loss

  • Promoting tissue and muscle growth

How HCG Treatment Works

HCG treatment is typically broken down into multiple stages, known as the loading phase, weight loss phase, and maintenance phase:

  • Loading Phase: The patient begins supplementing HCG and consuming as many high-fat foods as possible in the span of a few days.

  • Weight Loss Phase: After a few days, the patient continues to supplement HCG, but now consumes at most 500 calories every day for about three to six weeks.

  • Maintenance Phase: The patient stops the HCG supplementation as they begin to increase their food intake while avoiding foods that contain high sugar and starch content.

Those seeking moderate weight loss may need shorter periods in the weight loss phase than those with more weight to lose. For example, some may only need three weeks in the weight loss phase, while others may need six weeks in this phase (consuming under 500 calories per day). The patient’s weight is one of the most important factors when determining how many times this process should be repeated.

During the weight loss phase of the HCG Weight Loss Treatment, patients should only eat two meals a day as their health coach will explain to them. Each meal should be well-balanced, including lean protein, fruit, a vegetable, and a small amount of bread. All oily and sugary foods should be avoided during the weight loss treatment, and patients should drink lots of water throughout the course of the treatment. More information about the specifics will be given to you by one of our health coaches.

Why Professional HCG Treatments Are Needed

Given the popularity of HCG weight loss programs, over-the-counter HCG products are available, but most of these do not increase a person's HCG levels. The only proper way to improve one's HCG levels is by getting an injection that is only available with a doctor's prescription.

Benefits of Weight Loss Programs

The benefits of HCG weight loss programs include:

  • No hunger pangs

    • Hunger pangs are a normal part of many weight loss programs like intermittent fasting (IF). IF requires patients to go for as long as 16 hours without consuming any calories. This leads to hunger during the day. HCG injections cause the body to extract calories from stored body fat. This gives the body all the energy it needs, eliminating hunger pangs

  • Provides an extra energy boost

  • Lowers cholesterol levels

  • Leads to better endurance

  • Preserves muscle mass

  • Regulates hormones

Looking for an Effective Weight Loss System?

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