What is Kybella?

Kybella Miami, FL

Kybella® involves nonsurgical injections into the chin area to target excess fat cells. It is typically used to treat submental fat underneath the chin, which is typically referred to as a “double chin.” This review discusses Kybella treatment for removing submental fat to help you determine if treatment is appropriate for you. 

Kybella: a safe and effective treatment of submental fat

There is now an effective, safe, and fast solution to submental fat underneath the chin with Kybella. This FDA-approved prescription medication allows you to improve your profile view and feel more confident in your appearance each day, allowing you to do the things you love and be bolder without feeling insecure. 

Kybella injections explained

The main ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid. This bile acid occurs naturally in the body and is completely safe to use. It removes excess volume in the chin, which improves the appearance of the patient’s profile view. It is administered through in-office injections to the chin area. The number of injections varies based on the patient’s goals for treatment. The treatment session typically only takes 15 to 20 minutes. The number of treatment also varies from one to six. Once the patient reaches the desired results, they no longer require treatment. 

The benefits of Kybella injections

The primary benefit of Kybella injections is the removal of excess fat underneath the skin. This allows the patient to have what many consider a more attractive appearance, especially a more attractive profile view. This also gives many patients much more confidence throughout life and helps them feel more comfortable pursuing the things they love in life in a bold manner. 

When to consider Kybella

Kybella is ideal for patients who may feel insecure about their appearance due to excess fat around the chin area, particularly those that want a non-surgical method of removing the excess fat. Some providers may recommend exercise or dietary changes in place of or to supplement Kybella treatment. It is also not appropriate for people with an infection in the chin area. 

The safety and risks of Kybella

There may be some minor discomfort and swelling after Kybella injections, although the side effects should go away within a few days. As is the case with most medications, certain more severe side effects (nerve damage, trouble swallowing) can occur, although very few patients experience severe side effects. 

Recovering after Kybella injections

As mentioned, there may be some minor side effects after treatment that should go away within one week. If side effects worsen or exist for an extended period of time, then it is important to notify the Kybella provider and find out the best course of action. 

Discuss Kybella treatment with a licensed professional

Our team enjoys helping patients in our local community achieve their ideal appearance by removing excess fat underneath the chin with Kybella. If you have additional questions about Kybella or are interested in starting the treatment process with a Kybella consultation, then contact us by phone or message today.

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