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Botox is among the most recognized and well-regarded of medical cosmetic options, and at Nuceria, it’s one of the reliable options we have at our disposal to combat wrinkles. At our spa in Miami, FL, we apply this FDA-approved procedure under the guidance of medical professionals and in a manner that’s individualized to your skin and your objectives. Let us provide you with botox Miami locals trust.

How Much Botox do I need ?

From a simplicity stand-point, it is unfortunate that there is no “pat” answer we can give. The amount of Botox an individual will need is dependent on multiple issues, and will always vary from person to person. However, from a consumer stand-point, this is one of the things that makes Botox treatments so wonderful — every treatment is completely customized per unique patient.

Once an experienced injector is able to evaluate your face and your desired results, they should be able to give you an approximate idea of what your perfect treatment amount should be.

For a Botox / Dysport estimate specific to you, it will be most helpful to have an in-person consultation.

How does botox work for men?

Botox for men isn’t all that different than it is for women; it involves a series of injections administered by a fine needle into key areas of the face. The only thing to note is that since men tend to have larger, stronger muscles than women, larger doses of Botox are usually needed to achieve the same level of results.

This might mean that Botox for men is a little more expensive than it is for women if undergoing the exact same number of injections in the same treatment areas. However, a skilled injector will assess the injection requirements of their patients on a case by case basis, and the cost of Botox can vary greatly from individual to individual regardless of gender.

For a Botox / Dysport estimate specific to you, it will be most helpful to have an in-person consultation.

Before and After

Rejuvenate your complexion

Botox treatments are non-invasive, and since there’s no downtime, you can take advantage of the option on your lunch break during a workday. Using this approach and tailoring it to you, we’re able to reduce and even eliminate severe as well as moderate frown lines and crow’s feet. It usually takes but a few minutes to inject the treatment into the muscles responsible for the lines you want gone.

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