Top Five Areas Men and Women Receive BOTOX®

BOTOX® has provided men and women with remarkable results when it comes to preserving their youth. When most people begin thinking about the treatment, they wonder where they should get it. The forehead? Around the mouth? Sides of the eyes? Everywhere?  These are questions many people ask when they come to us for a consultation, so you’re not alone in your thoughts and we would be happy to help you.

The following are the top five areas men and women receive BOTOX® to help you decide where you would like to have it injected.

#1: Forehead

Forehead wrinkles are considered one of the first signs of aging. Since they start so soon, the wrinkles get deeper sooner. This is why many people decide to use BOTOX® on their forehead first. Most of them figure if it can reduce the appearance of those wrinkles, it can do anything.

#2: Crow’s Feet

While these lines may only appear when you smile or laugh at first, as you age, they can still be seen when you’re not smiling or laughing. Crow’s feet are small wrinkles on the sides of the eyes and are just another sign of aging. BOTOX® can reduce or eliminate them, which leads to a youthful appearance.

#3: Frown Lines

Look in the mirror and frown. Do you see two wrinkles in between your eyebrows? Those are called frown lines or 11s. These lines only appear when you’ve hit an advanced age. Thankfully, BOTOX® can get rid of them and keep them away.

#4: Smoker’s Lines

You don’t have to be a smoker to have these lines. The reason they are called “smoker’s lines” is because they are common among men and women who smoke due to pursing their lips. Any type of movement that is similar to that can result in these lines.

Be sure to only use an experienced aesthetic injector for treatment of smoker’s lines. Injecting BOTOX® in the wrong place can cause problems with mobility of the lips.

#5: Marionette Lines

The lines that come down from the sides of the mouth are much like the lines seen on a marionette puppet, hence the name. When these lines appear, the corners of the mouth may droop as well. BOTOX® is a treatment for marionette lines, but only an injector who specializes in this type of treatment should provide it. Muscles in the lower part of the face can be affected if the injection is not placed in the precisely correct location.

Deciding Where to Receive BOTOX® on Your Face

You have a few options when it comes to using BOTOX for the reduction or elimination of fine lines and wrinkles. The forehead, sides of eyes, in between the eyebrows, and around the mouth and lips are the most common areas for men and women. Some people will start with one area, and then have the treatment again in another area. Other people will seek treatment for all areas at one time. What you decide depends on your comfort level and the recommendations of your aesthetic specialist.

For a Botox / Dysport estimate specific to you, it will be most helpful to have an in-person consultation.

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