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Nuceria Health provides transparent pricing and an option for consumers who want fast and convenient access to Coronavirus laboratory testing.We offer both types of test kits the COVID 19 IgG & IgM Antibodies  & COVID19 Antigen Self Swab Kit. View details below.

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The Difference between COVID 19 IgG & IgM Antibodies  & COVID19 Antigen Self Swab Kit

COVID-19 IgG & IgM Antibodies determines whether someone has had the virus in the past, to piece together a picture of how many american’s may have already been infected, and can get back to work. Scaling up antibody testing is critical to re-opening the economy, and we’re here to help one test at a time.

COVID-19 Antigen Self Swab Kit uses Real Time RT-PCR DNA Instrument. An individual may have a negative IgG and IgM antibody, yet still be POSITIVE for COVID19. Be sure to use our Self-Collection Kits to determine if an individual is currently a carrier of the coronavirus. Covid-19 Test kit

Finger Stick



The Rapid collection test kit is a simple Finger Stick test. It will test for IgG & IgM  and provides under 15 Min.


Covid-19-blood-test-nuceria health


Results in 24-48 Hours. IgG & IgM Blood Testing

Nose Swab



Real-Time RT-PCR, DNA Test Results in 24-48 Hours.

Still Have Questions?

Here are some questions we usually get about our Coronavirus Test (COVID-19). If you would like yours answered click on the question.

What is an antibody test?

What is an antibody test?

Antibody blood tests, also called serologic tests, check your blood for antibodies that would show if you have had a previous infection. Antibodies are proteins that help fight off germs. A serologic test may not be able to show if you have a current infection, because it can take 1 to 3 weeks to make antibodies after symptoms occur. We do not know yet if having antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 can protect someone from getting infected with that virus again, or how long that protection might last. Scientists are doing studies to answer those questions. If you test positive or negative for COVID-19, no matter the type of test, you still should take preventive measures to protect yourself and others. *


This test will identify both IgM and IgG antibodies if present. The IgM antibody is detected if you have an active virus or have recently been exposed to the virus. The IgG antibody test will identify if you have had past exposure to the virus.

This is not a test for an active infection. 

Why test for IgG/IgM?

Why test for IgG/IgM?

If you believe you have been exposed to COVID-19 or have had symptoms in the past, you may be a good candidate for this test. You must be asymptomatic (free of symptoms) for at least seven (7) days prior to testing.

What type of specimen will be collected for IgG/iGM test?

What type of specimen will be collected for IgG/iGM test?

This test requires a simple finger stick, blood draw or Nasal swab.

What is the difference between an IgM and IGG antibody test ?

Early after infection (usually after the first week), a class of antibodies known as immunoglobulin M (IgM) develop, although they typically do not last long. Later, after the first 2-4 weeks following infection, IgG, a more durable antibody, is produced. Detection of microbe-specific IgM and IgG in circulating blood (a ‘serologic’ test) serves as a traditional method to determine whether a person has been infected with that pathogen, either recently (IgM) or more distantly (IgG).**

Should i use antibody testing to determine employee staffing ?

COVID-19 Antibody Testing should not be the sole determination for staffing. Since the we do not know if COVID-19 antibodies protect someone from future infection, you cannot be assured that they will not get re-infected.

What does it mean if i have a positive test result?

What does it mean if i have a positive test result?

If you have a positive test result, it is likely that you may have had COVID-19 and might have developed an antibody response to the virus. There is a small chance that this test can give a positive result that is wrong (a false positive result).

What does it mean if I have a negative test result?

A negative test results means that the antibodies to the virus that causes COVID-19 were not found in your sample. However, it is possible for this test to give a negative result that is incorrect (false negative) in some people with COVID-19. A negative result may occur if you are tested early in your illness and your body hasn’t had time to produce antibodies to infection. This means that you could possibly still have COVID-19 even though the test is negative. *

What if i want to get a free covid-19 antibody test?

Free options for testing are available. The COVID-19 Antibody Test may be covered by your insurance plan or the government, with no out-of-pocket costs to you. . If you are interested in this option, please contact your healthcare provider. Nuceria Health provides transparent pricing and an option for consumers who want fast and convenient access to laboratory testing.




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