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Food is the main source of fuel for our bodies, yet some “healthy” foods may be causing inflammation. Unlike classic allergies, sensitivities can take up to four days after eating a food for a symptom to manifest, and may include the inability to lose weight, digestive issues, joint pain, skin problems, cognitive decline, rapid aging, lack of energy, and other unwanted symptoms. Food sensitivity testing Miami trusts can help.

Here at Nuceria we have a personalized approach to helping you achieve your health goals by completing a comprehensive blood panel, and identifying which foods your body processes better.

Our test is based on the principle of discovering the production of IgG antibodies against commonly consumed foods. We offer a comprehensive food panel that includes a fully customized results interpretations guide in order to help you  implement into your daily life. For food sensitivity testing Miami trusts, contact Nuceria Health today.



Develop from Infancy

What is a Food Allergy?

A Hypersensitivity to certain foods that trigger an immune system response where antibodies are produced to “kill off” the food.

Can be severe or life-threatening


Can develop at any age

What is Food Intolerance?

Where individual components of the food cannot be properly processed by the digestive system.

Usually less  severe but more common

Food sensitivity testing and food intolerance testing offers a scientifically based approach to improving nutrition, chronic conditions and overall wellbeing. Food sensitivity testing is an excellent way start the journey to health, happiness and improved fitness.

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