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What is HCG all about?

One of the first questions one might ask themselves is, “what exactly is hCG?” Anyone interested in the benefits of hCG injections for men should also be aware of what they are using. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a natural human hormone found both in men and women and is comprised of 237 amino acids. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or also known as HCG is a female hormone that comes from the placenta during a woman’s pregnancy.  HCG is the primary agent in stabilizing a woman’s metabolism during pregnancy, but that is totally unrelated to what it can offer to your weight loss efforts. The HCG diet was developed to help people lose weight. This is why we recomend this treatment for weight loss Miami residents can trust. Based on the effects of the hormone during pregnancy, medical experts devised a way to turn this hormone into a weight loss vehicle for those who want to lose weight fast. Here at Nuceria Health, we aim to provide weight loss Miami residents can trust. Contact us today for more information.


HCG injections have helped both men and women remove unwanted fat by causing the body to attack fat reservoirs instead of necessary fat. All the dietary benefits of following the hCG injections diet protocol benefit men in need of weight loss and muscle retention. In fact, hCG injections may actually have added benefits in men.

The hormone works by reducing your appetite, maintaining normal energy levels, and easing the normal symptoms of eating a low calorie diet such as headaches, and mood swings. The hormone does this by allowing your body to more efficiently process the fat stores already in your body. Taken in proper dosages this hormone will make not only weight loss easy, but fat loss as well! AND…you’ll keep it off.


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