Testosterone Replacement Therapy

A reduced sex drive, low energy, and unwanted body changes are all signs of Low T.

Convenient, Effective and Safe Testosterone Therapy for Men


Testosterone is the male hormone. It’s what makes us men. Produced by the testes, it plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. Testosterone is directly responsible for maintaining:

  • Energy and strength
  • Muscle mass and bone density
  • Mental focus and clarity
  • Sex drive and performance
  • Mood and attitude Sleep quality


Testosterone makes sure we have the energy and desire to succeed in work, life, and relationships. Without it, we lose our zest for life. When we are young, our natural hormone production is high – especially testosterone. This kept us mentally sharp, energized, and strong. As we age, however, our natural hormone production declines. Yet modern life doesn’t slow down for anyone. If you start to notice the typical signs of aging – increased fatigue, mental fogginess, mood changes, low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased bone strength, weight gain, and loss of muscle mass – it’s possible you are experiencing a testosterone deficiency. So guys, in order to maintain your health physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually, maintaining optimal testosterone levels is imperative.

Symptoms Of Low T

By age 30, we lose at least 1% of our natural testosterone production each year – sometimes more. With this diminished supply of testosterone in our body, we may experience the following symptoms of low testosterone:

  • Feelings of depression
  • Lowered energy levels Fatigue
  • Disruptive sleep patterns and quality of sleep
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Lack of mental clarity, drive and focus
  • Drop in strength and endurance
  • Mood swings
  • Fogginess and indecision

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Given the importance of testosterone and the role it plays in making men “men,” TRT can serve as an effective option for men suffering from Low T. Though results may vary for each man, by optimizing testosterone to healthy levels the body can be replenished of this crucial hormone so that life can once again be lived with passion and purpose. If you are suffering from a testosterone deficiency, you may experience the following benefits of TRT:

  • Rise in energy levels
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Enhanced and more defined muscle mass
  • Weight loss
  • Improved cognitive abilities (sharper and more focused)
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and depression
  • Improved sex drive
  • Increased confidence


    1. First, you will come in to our office to do a simple blood draw. You can relax in our overstuffed chairs, watch the game, and have a refreshment.
    1. If you qualify for Low T treatment, you will have a dedicated consultation with our men’s health expert to go over testosterone therapy. What it is. How it helps. How to administer treatments. How many treatments you will need to get back into gameday shape. All of these points will be addressed along with any other questions you have. This is your training camp to get you ready and confident about our game plan.
    1. You can begin treatment immediately following your consultation in our office. You will then pick-up your ongoing treatments each month at our office.

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