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How It Works

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    Start by picking up the phone & speaking with one of our health coaches about your life style and health goals.

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    Following the initial consultation, we will have you complete some simple lab work at our center or diagnostic center near you.

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    Once we receive your result we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms. Which will allow the doctor to create a custom tailored program to fit your lifestyle.

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    Your new treatment program will inform therapy; from meds, supplements and injections to suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. On your time. At your place.

Welcome to Nuceria Health

At Nuceria Health, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the tools they need to feel like their young selves again. As an anti-aging wellness center, we offer a personalized approach to enhance your unique lifestyle. Depending on your desired results, we can create a wellness program for you.

HTR for men


As a result of aging, disease or lifestyle your hormone levels will begin to decline, over time you will experience unwanted symptoms of hormonal imbalance such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorder, peri-menopause, menopause, male andropause, low testosterone, estrogen levels, or progesterone deficiencies—just to name a few. With the help of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy you will restore your levels back to your youthful years.

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Women face a number of hormonal fluctuations throughout the lifespan—menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, perimenopause, and menopause—each of which can impact the delicate balance of hormonal harmony. For this reason, women benefit from monitoring their natural hormone levels as early as age 30 to establish a healthy baseline and maintain balance. Low testosterone levels in women (and even high testosterone levels in women!) have been shown to affect a multitude of other natural hormones in the body. Through lifestyle changes and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, thyroid symptoms in women, testosterone levels in women, and other hormone imbalances in women can be alleviated.

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HTR for women
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Weight loss can be more than just difficult — it can even feel impossible. If you have tried your hand at fad diets before, you probably already know what we mean. Luckily, we are here to help make weight loss an attainable goal. Weight loss programs are available at Nuceria Health in Miami and the surrounding area. We can help you look and feel your best. Call us today at 786-713-9560 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.

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What our patients say about us

harold foster

I had been here once before, today was my second time. Today after getting my treatment ( which was something new that I had never done before) few seconds later I started to feel weak. Today I fell in loved with this place way more then my first time. The staff (specially Marlene) was so carring to my needs,so concerned it was unreal. I truly felt so loved. Monitoring me constantly minutes after minutes to make sure I was ok. So rared you see a staff where everyone cares. This is place GOLDEN!! Thank you so much for everything. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌 Truly felt loved!

harold foster
a month ago
Johanny Perdigon

Good morning, all the medical staff are very competitive with personalized attention, they took care of the patient at all times, monitoring the treatment and very concerned. The medical staff are super friendly with excellent treatment, especially Miss Valentina, a very professional and attentive lady.

Johanny Perdigon
6 months ago
Ray Casais

Feeling great. I can definitely confirm these programs work and they are amazing, the Roborto's vodoo truly works. Thank you so much Mike, Roberto and Dr. Alonso!!!!

Ray Casais
6 months ago
Corrine Smiley

Beautiful clean office. Bilal is the best. All the staff from the receptionist to all the PA's actually are all attentive and welcoming. The gentleman who administered my IV was so smooth with it, I barely felt a thing (I'm insanely afraid of needles). Multiple staff members kept passing by and checking on how I was doing. I highly recommend Nuceria Health.

Corrine Smiley
8 months ago
Laura Zini

Amazing discovery for me especially with such an active life like mine! It’s been a second IV immunity treatment I’m getting ones per 3 weeks! Today I’ve tried combining hydro facial from Lissete and IV immune with biotin. Everyone was very courteous were checking me and system processes. Everybody were open and ready for all my questions, which I had a lot been fresh client. I will do IV with facial again because it is saving time besides they gave me good discount therefore, I saved 🤑for tips. Will bring my daughter and mom.

Laura Zini
11 months ago
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