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Nuceria will help you optimize your performance and improve your quality of life with a personalized approach

Nuceria Health in Miami is a leader in Age Management & Wellness

Nuceria Health of Miami specializes in Anti Aging & hormone replacement therapy by performing a comprehensive blood panel to rule out the deficiency and insufficiency found in your blood. We then create a personalized protocol to help you achieve optimal performance and most importantly improve your quality of life.

We offer IV Infusion Therapy, comprehensive weight loss programs and the latest technology using PRP (platelet rich plasma) to improve skin rejuvenation, hair restoration and sexual wellness.


Anti-Aging treatments designed to boost energy and vigor for life

Medical Weight Loss

A health approach to loosing weight and keeping it off

Testosterone Therapy

A health approach to loosing weight and keeping it off

IV Infusion Therapy

Custom IV & injection therapy for your health & wellness

Botox / Dysport

Improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe forehead lines, lateral , canthal and glabellar lines

Lip Fillers

Full, luscious lips are commonly recognized as a symbol of youth, beauty …

Facial Treatments

Facial are not just for women anymore, these days more and more men are seeking out treatments

PRP hair Restoration

Struggling w/ Hair Loss? PRP Treatments Offer Fast Results W/ Minimal Downtime.

Results. Nothing Less.

As we age, conditions like Low T (Low Testosterone), Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency, Andropause in men and Menopause in women can lead to a variety of undesirable symptoms once accepted as a natural part of the aging process. Symptoms like low sex drive and impaired sexual function, weight gain, fatigue and lack of energy, loss of strength, decreased muscle, diminished bone density, sleep disturbances, increased stress and feelings of depression, just to name a few, can benefit in some way from hormone replacement therapy.

The Process

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    Start by picking up the phone & speaking with one of our health coaches about your  life style and health goals.

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    Following the initial consultation, we will have you complete some simple lab work at our center or diagnostic center near you.

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    Once we receive your result  we will have a clear understanding of your symptoms. Which will allow the doctor  to create a custom tailored program to fit your lifestyle.

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    Your new treatment program will inform therapy; from meds, supplements and injections to suggestions for a healthier lifestyle. On your time. At your place.

Are Your Ready to Start Feeling Like Your “Young” Self Again?

If so, Send us a message a health coach will reach out shortly.

Your treatment and care will be under the guidance of a physician. Schedule your consultation now!

Our work speaks for itself

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Nuceria is a personalized approach to your lifestyle. Whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or someone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we personalize a plan through individualized screening and testing in order to maximize your performance.

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