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Dr. Alonso

After completing his residency and Fellowship in Radiology at the University of Miami, Dr. Alonso a Miami native began working in the community as a diagnostic radiologist at several imaging centers and as the Chief of Radiology at Jackson South Medical Center part of the Ryder Trauma where he received awards for outstanding service. After More than 10 years of providing radiology services to the community Dr. Alonso saw how broken the health care system was and was determined to make a difference and make changes to the current model of high volume diagnostic imaging with little regard to quality and no overall change to patients lives. With that Dr. Alonso decided to open his own imaging center to serve the community in a different way.

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The traditional role of a radiologist is to view diagnostic images of a patients body and provide an interpretation of what is happening inside the patients body and send this report to the referring physician so intern that physician can treat that patient accordingly. This is the classic symptom based health care model of this country not the preventative approach which is to prevent diseases before they occur. The radiologist has little, if any, contact with the patient only with the referring physician. Dr. Alonso became more and more disillusioned with this current health care model but was unsure how to make changes. It wasn’t until Dr. Alonso himself began to demonstrate signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalances, which at the time physicians did not know how to address. With every lab work, his labs were in the “normal range”and was told there was nothing to do. That’s when He began to study and developed a unrelenting pursuit of knowledge in the world of hormone optimization and longevity.

Dr. Alonso is now at the forefront of functional and integrative medicine in the community and internationally. With a unique approach Dr. Alonso and Nuceria Health incorporate both diagnostic imaging with comprehensive laboratory data to establish a customized wellness program for each individual patient. “It isn’t enough to just look at someone’s labs these days but rather take a deeper look into a patient body and evaluate for things such a coronary artery disease, fatty liver disease, brain atrophy and guide each individual patient on how to live a healthier life. In my experience, its not that patients are lazy or unmotivated but rather lack the fundamental knowledge and guidance in order to make long lasting changes in their live. In traditional medicine primary care physician lack the time conduct a physical exam and really arrive at the root cause as to what is the underlying issue.” Dr. Alonso.

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