Nuceria Health Announces New Membership Perks

Nuceria Health Announces New Membership Perks

 Nuceria Health — a healthy lifestyle company that seeks to help its patients feel better, look younger, and live healthier lives — has announced its brand-new Membership Perks program.


"At Nuceria Health, we're all about trying to find ways to help our customers lead better lives at prices they can afford," said Carlos. "The feedback we've gotten from customers has been overwhelming: they want a membership perks program that lets them take advantage of all the things we offer but at prices they can afford."

The Membership Perks program comes with various discounts and exclusive product offerings. This new membership program is designed to empower clients at more reasonable prices than if they chose to purchase products and services at a la carte prices.

"There's a tough balance here, but we think we've found it. We're going to help clients find new products while improving there quality off life , and this is something that only comes with a membership," said Mike.

The membership offers a wide array of savings on various products and services, many of which are foundational to long-term health and success with Nuceria Health. They include the following:


First, all memberships come with a client coordinator and concierge physician. A client coordinator will handle the client's needs exclusively. The coordinator will also work to ensure that the client has access to all of Nuceria's products and services on a schedule that works for them. The concierge physician will be available to all members and able to answer any medical questions that they may have.


Discounts are being offered to members on a variety of products. These discounts include:

  • 15% OFF booster shots.

  • 15% OFF Nuceria Health branded supplements.

  • $75 OFF of our exclusive Immune System IV Cocktail.

  • $50 OFF of our NAD+ IV therapy. NAD can help with various ailments and illnesses, including boosting brain function, restoring energy, addressing substance dependency, boosting your immune system, and improving your mood.

  • $200 off of any full body scan, which analyzes your entire body and checks for the functioning of various organs. 

  • $25 off of any food sensitivity test, which can be used to determine if you have any significant food sensitivities.

Finally, Membership Perks with Nuceria will allow users to get a FREE Skin Care Consultation. It will also address a slew of skincare issues, including:

  • $25 OFF a full facial, complete with extractions and exfoliation.

  • $50 OFF a hydra facial.

  • $35 OFF micro-needling.

  • 20% OFF PDO Threads.

  • Selected discounts on BOTOX/Dysport.


Additionally, Nuceria's Membership Perks include an exclusive referral program. By referring new clients to Nuceria, members can earn significant discounts on various products and services.


For more information, prospective members are encouraged to visit our website or call us at (305) 398-4370


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