How Testosterone Therapy Is Used for Sexual Wellness

How Testosterone Therapy Is Used for Sexual Wellness

Testosterone therapy is used for both men and women struggling with sexual wellness. Having low testosterone can actually be very unhealthy, which is why therapy exists. Aside from restoring sexual wellness, it can also be beneficial towards the body's overall balance. Low energy levels and a lack of motivation can also be cured with the help of testosterone therapy. Continue reading to find out what it is most commonly used for. 

A quick guide to testosterone therapy for sexual wellness

The following information highlights what testosterone therapy is and how it can be used for sexual wellness. This review can be quite helpful to individuals struggling with sexual wellness.

How testosterone therapy is used

Testosterone therapy is used for a number of things, as stated above. However, most commonly, it is used to improve sexual wellness. Outlined below are a few of the ways that testosterone therapy is used for sexual health. 

  • The administration of testosterone can help cure erectile dysfunction, which can greatly benefit one's sexual wellness
  • Overall sex drive is boosted when testosterone levels are higher, thus why therapy is often administered
  • Testosterone helps to decrease fat and increase strength. Lower levels of fat and higher levels of strength and muscle mass leads to better stamina during sexual activity
  • High levels of testosterone after therapy have a positive impact on sleep schedules, making for increased energy throughout the day. Higher energy is likely to lead to better sexual health

What is involved in treatment?

Testosterone therapy may include a number of things depending on the person's preference, situation, and pre-existing conditions. Treatment types include gels, injections of testosterone, mouth patches that release testosterone into the bloodstream orally, or skin patches that are applied once a day. 

When to consider it

Testosterone therapy should be considered when other methods for a boost in sexual wellness are not working. Additionally, if any of the following symptoms are noticed, sexual wellness may be at risk and sufferers should, therefore, consider therapy. 

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Low sex drive
  • Irritability 
  • Lack of interest romantically
  • Fatigue or low energy levels 

What else to know about testosterone therapy

When it comes to testosterone therapy, it is important to understand that not everyone is a good candidate for it. Individuals who have pre-existing conditions such as sleep apnea, prostate cancer, or congestive heart failure should not undergo testosterone therapy as it can worsen these conditions. 

Find out more

When in need of testosterone therapy, the best thing to do is consult with a specialist. In most cases, one's primary care physician can evaluate the situation and then make a referral if need be. From there, the appropriate treatment plan can be put into place, which will likely include testosterone therapy. To find out more or to get scheduled for a consultation appointment, reach out today. We would be happy to answer any questions or go over any concerns that you have. 

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