How does J-Plasma work?

In this procedure, local anesthetic is used on the patient requiring some, though minimal, downtime. J-Plasma utilizes cold helium ionized gas and radio frequency to tighten loose skin. Through a cannula inserted under the skin, a combination of helium gas and RF will go to the skin, reportedly firming it up almost immediately. This treatment takes around 1-2 hours to complete.

J-Plasma Pricing and Results

Once the treatment is completed, the effects of J-Plasma can be seen within one or two months of treatment, and the lasting results can last up to 9 months. Typically, one session of J-Plasma is used for patients to reach their goals. The treatment takes around 1-2 hours to complete, and the average cost varies from patient to patient ranging from $3,400 to $10,000 depending on the treatment area.

Benefits of J-Plasma

Treatment on face, neck, body, and neck

  1. No large incisions or scars
  2. Minimal downtime and fast recovery
  3. Safe, quick, and precise

While these benefits all seem very enticing, there are also a few cons that follow with the J-Plasma procedure. As stated by the FDA in July of 2022, these cons include 2nd or 3rd-degree burns, infections, changes in skin color, nerve damage, etc. Because of this, Nuceria Health has opted-out from treating patients with the J-Plasma procedure.


So now that we talked about J-Plasma, let’s get into another one of the latest techniques of skin rejuvenation. Endolift is an innovative, minimally invasive alternative to surgical face lift. This treatment offers the benefits of a surgical facelift but with no scalpels and no scarring.

How does Endolift work?

It uses laser energy to tighten the skin and contour fat. Skin tightening with Endolift is strictly linked to the precision of the laser used, which hits two major targets of the human body: water and fat. Unlike J-Plasma, Endolift does not require any anesthetics which ultimately leads to no downtime. One session of this procedure takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

What areas does Endolift treat?

This treatment remodels the entire face, correcting mild sagging of the skin and fat accumulation on the lower third of the face (double chin, cheeks, mouth, jaw line). It also covers other areas of the body including the neck, gluteus, knees, periumbilical area, inner thighs, and ankles.

Endolift Pricing and Results

The results of the Endolift procedure are almost immediately visible. The effects of Endolift last anywhere from 2-5 years, which is a major key difference compared to J-Plasma. Most patients using Endolift can expect to have 1-2 sessions, depending on their goals. Here at Nuceria, the cost for Endolift varies on the area of treatment. For one session on the face area, the cost is $2,000. For any body area, the cost is $2,200 per session.

Benefits of Endolift

  1. Remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin
  2. Toning
  3. Reduction of excess fats
  4. Stimulation of collagen production

And while these benefits seem very enticing, it gets even better. Unlike J-Plasma, no cons or chief complaints have been made from patients regarding the Endolift procedure. 

Which treatment is better for you?

While the key differences between Endolift and J-Plasma are quite obvious – in cost, results, and benefits – ultimately the choice is up to you, the patient. At Nuceria Health, we offer free consultations with our specialists to help you decide which treatment option is better for you. Call (305) 398-4370 to book your free consultation today and schedule your first session of Endolift!

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