Learning What Medical Weight Loss Is and Is Not

Learning What Medical Weight Loss Is and Is Not

It is easy to dismiss the term "medical weight loss" as the latest fitness fad in a long line of fitness fads. Unlike many fitness journeys and diet crazes, medical weight loss is not some magical solution that works in the blink of an eye. Unlike a lot of fitness and dieting plans, medical weight loss is not an instant solution to losing weight. It is a type of weight loss that consists of two important factors. 

The first factor is that successful, permanent weight loss is a long-term goal that is split up into smaller, daily, doable goals. The second factor is that permanent weight loss is caused by choosing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating habits and regular exercise. 

Why is this particular type of weight loss described as "medical"?

A large portion of the population in the United States is currently living with the burden of excessive weight or obesity. These conditions open the door for lifestyle diseases like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, and medical professionals are the only defense against these conditions. The problem medical professionals have is that by treating these diseases, they can only be reactive towards it. They would prefer if patients avoided developing these conditions in the first place.

Some medical professionals decide to be proactive towards these diseases instead. They start programs that aim to tackle excess weight before it causes secondary complications. Medical weight loss programs also help people with lifestyle diseases to lose weight and become healthy.

In a nutshell, medical weight loss describes programs that are overseen and executed by medical professionals. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to create solutions that help a patient in the long run, not just temporarily. An individual that is seeking weight loss will get a healthier diet along with an exercise routine that is tailored to their needs and goals with the help of a doctor. Doctors can help motivate patients to lose weight.

What to expect from medical weight loss programs

An individual going through medical weight loss will normally begin this journey in a clinical setting. In this setting, a detailed evaluation of the patient will be performed. This evaluation can include some of the following factors:

  • Body Composition

  • Daily Routine/Diet

  • Family history 

  • Determine any physiological or psychological components

  • History of patient’s diet/exercise efforts

Based on the information collected, the medical staff will create a customized weight loss program that takes into account the patient's health and daily routines. Specialists will keep track of the diet/exercise aspects of the treatment as well as checking in with the patient and performic periodic evaluations. If needed, the medical team will make adjustments to the patient's weight loss plan.

In essence, the patient will take part in a weight loss program supervised by medical professionals. Typically, the program takes many, many months. The results are often permanent as medical weight loss increases the chances of a successful weight loss.

What a medical weight loss program is not

As stated before, medical weight loss is not an instant fix. This is not the kind of program that will get a patient into that bridesmaid's dress in two weeks. A medical weight loss program does not include procedures such as diet pills, liposuction, body contouring, etc.

Medical weight loss aims to solve the main cause of obesity. The approaches listed above (diet pills, liposuction, etc.) deal with the effects of weight gain rather than solving the main cause of the weight gain. One of the main goals of medical weight loss is to instill a healthy lifestyle in a patient, which is the opposite of what these alternative approaches do.

Lose weight with an effective approach that is backed by medical findings

Weight loss might be intimidating at first. If you are looking for an effective weight reduction program, it might be difficult to choose which one would be the most beneficial for you. Knowing that you are getting a personalized program that suits your goals and needs with the help of a doctor’s expertise may be the best option for you. Weight loss follows once you prioritize and instill a healthy lifestyle in your daily life. If you wish to learn more about the benefits of medical weight loss, reach out for more information.

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