What is Testosterone Therapy?

What is Testosterone Therapy?

Wondering if testosterone therapy is the right choice for you? Our bodies use the hormone testosterone for various vital functions that make us feel strong. For example, testosterone supports adequate bone density, allowing us to build strong muscles and maintain acceptable red blood cell levels. Testosterone also plays a critical role in the reproductive health of men. 

By the time men reach about age 30, they often begin to experience a decline in testosterone levels. By the time they reach their middle adulthood (the 50s to 60s), men frequently have deficient levels of this hormone. Millions of American men look to gels or injections to restore normal blood testosterone levels to combat this loss of testosterone.

Why Would You Need Testosterone Therapy?

Men experiencing low testosterone levels may seek hormone therapy for various reasons. Often, men begin experiencing tell-tale symptoms of a decrease in testosterone. For example, increased body fat, trouble sleeping, reduced sex drive, depression, and more. These unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms can affect a man's mood and overall happiness. Addressing these symptoms of low testosterone can help men live their lives to the fullest.

Types of Testosterone Therapy

Many lifestyle choices and habits can directly impact a man's testosterone levels. For example, healthy food choices, regular exercise, and managing stress are important factors. Other lifestyle modifications include adequate sleep every night, limiting substance use, and making intelligent choices. Seeking help from a trusted health professional can help men create a plan to create better lifestyle choices, thereby improving their symptoms of low testosterone.

Getting a Full Assessment

Not sure if testosterone therapy is the right choice for you? Start by getting a full assessment from a medical professional. After a complete evaluation, health professionals can determine if testosterone therapy can improve your quality of life. Testing for testosterone levels is simple and painless, using either blood or saliva testing.

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