What to Expect during ENDOLIFT treatment

What to Expect during ENDOLIFT treatment

What to Expect during Endolift treatment

  • You will have photographs taken and the site will be cleansed and a numbing medication will be injected (which may sting for a few seconds).

  • The treatment will take from 40mins to 2 hours depending on the areas treated.

  • You may feel warmth, tugging and an occasional zap during treatment. However most patients tolerate it with no to minimal discomfort.

  • We will apply post treatment topical antibiotics to the entry site, which are the size of a pin-prick and do not require any stitches. We will apply post treatment creams and garments if indicated.

What to expect after Endolift treatment

  • Treatment is performed in an outpatient setting, so you can go home right after treatment.

  • Most patients will have transient erythema (pinkness/redness) and swelling that will last from a few minutes to a few hours. 

  • Some patients may experience warmness for up to a few hours after treatment, as deep tissue retains heat longer.

  • Some patients may feel tenderness or numbness in the treated area that is temporary and will resolve with time.

  • Rarely the motor nerve may be temporarily affected in a lower face treatment and you may need to use oral anti-inflammatory tablets.

  • As with any heating device, there’s a rare risk of skin burns or discoloration.

  • It is rare, but possible to have contour irregularities, requiring further treatment.

  • Apply sun protection to the treated areas - At least SPF 30

  • Stay hydrated

  • Face and neck massage in an upward motion twice a day will be beneficial

  • Sleep on your back if possible, so skin will heal in an appropriate anatomical position

Follow Up

You will be scheduled in two weeks, two months and four months to follow up on progress. While you may see immediate results, continued improvement is expected for several months post treatment, and with the proper maintenance results may last for years. Read More about the endolift procedure

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