OmegAvail Liquid 8oz. with Natural Lemon Flavor

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  • Sublingual
  • 8oz. / 1 Bottle

<p>Nuceria OmegAvail Liquid 8oz. with Natural Lemon Flavor</p> <p><br /> Omega Liquid is a high-quality omega-3 fish oil supplement that&#39;s easy to take. Omega Liquid is a liquid dietary supplement that provides the omega-3 fatty acids your body needs. It&#39;s formulated with heart and brain health benefits in mind.&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> Omega Liquid combines the benefits of omega-3 fish oil supplements and sublingual (under the tongue) health supplements in one easy-to-use liquid. This omega liquid is designed to be taken once a day, with meals, for 45 days.&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> Omega Liquid is full of essential fatty acids and can promote heart health, brain health, and healthy moods. It&#39;s also made with a natural lemon flavor that doesn&#39;t leave an aftertaste in your mouth.</p> <p><br /> Some key features include:</p> <ul> <li>Lemon flavor</li> <li>45 day supply</li> <li>Once-a-day formula</li> <li>Taken with meals</li> </ul> <p>Nuceria is committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for every customer. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please reach out to us 24/7 regarding your order. We&#39;re happy to help.</p>

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Qty 5
Unit Tablet(s)
Route Oral
Frequency Once A Day
When With Meals
Duration Number 45
Duration Type Day(s)

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