Signs Your Testosterone Levels Might Be Low

Signs Your Testosterone Levels Might Be Low

A man’s testosterone levels are constantly changing to meet the current overall needs of the body. For this reason, it is possible for your testosterone levels to become so low that it is causing you to experience health issues. The American Urological Association tells us that two out of 10 men who are older than 60 years of age have low testosterone.

While a lowering of testosterone as you get older is normal, testosterone production can fall so low that it has negative effects. Keep reading to learn about common problems caused by low testosterone.

About testosterone levels

The National Institutes of Health states that testosterone is a sex hormone that plays important roles in the body. Some of the more critical roles testosterone is responsible for is regulating a man’s sex drive, producing sperm, producing red blood cells, strengthening their bone mass, strengthening their muscle mass and allocating their fat tissues. Much like other hormones and chemicals in the body, testosterone levels fluctuate to accommodate specific needs.

Conditions that are caused by low testosterone

The following list includes some of the more common signs that your testosterone levels have fallen too low.

Low sex drive

Low levels of this hormone can cause you to lose the desire to have sex. It is likely that you will also experience difficulty maintaining an erection because of this effect.

Hair loss

Testosterone is responsible for hair reduction. As you age, you can expect to lose your hair naturally. However, if you lose hair at a very fast rate, speak to your doctor about your testosterone levels.

Overall fatigue

After years of hard work, your body will want more rest as you grow older. This is no surprise. If you have a are getting the proper amount of sleep but still feel tired, then your testosterone may be low. Talk to your doctor about this lack of energy to see what is causing the fatigue.

Less bone mass, muscle mass

Low testosterone levels can lead to less bone mass, which in turn can lead to an osteoporosis diagnosis. A decrease in testosterone levels also means a decrease in overall muscle mass. If you feel weak or are losing weight at a rapid pace, you may need to have your hormones evaluated.

More overall body fat

Lower testosterone levels often lead to more overall body fat, which is attributed to the disproportion currently taking place between testosterone and estrogen. Combined with the loss of muscle mass previously mentioned, this can drastically change your appearance. If you have a healthy diet but are gaining weight, you may need some additional help to manage your testosterone levels.

When did you last check your testosterone levels?

Are you experiencing any of the issues listed above? They may not be caused by low testosterone, but checking your levels is the only way to know. If your hormones are at an unhealthily low level, we can work with you to manage your testosterone. Even if you do not have the conditions listed above, early treatment can prevent them from forming down the road.

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