What is Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone Therapy Miami, FL

Wondering if testosterone therapy is the right choice for you? Testosterone is a hormone that supports your ability to feel well and strong. It supports your good bone density, allows you to build up your muscles and maintains your red blood cells. It is essential to your reproductive abilities and contributes greatly to your ability to have a fulfilling sex life. The fact that men begin to start losing their testosterone around the age of 30 makes it likely that by the time they are in their 50s or 60s, they will have very low testosterone levels.

According to Harvard Health, millions of American men use prescription testosterone gel or injection to restore normal levels of this hormone.

Why would you need testosterone therapy?

Why are so many men who are experiencing low levels of testosterone looking into their testosterone therapy options? There are a number of signs that can let a man know that his testosterone levels are beginning to directly affect his overall well-being, which includes but is not limited to: Lower bone mass, higher body fat, fatigue, depression, difficulty sleeping, inability to concentrate, hot flashes and a diminished sex drive. When someone experiences one or more of these issues related to low testosterone levels, it can easily get in the way of their ability to live a quality life.

Types of testosterone therapy

There a few different types of testosterone therapy available to men nowadays, which means they have choices. These options include using body patches and gels to deliver the testosterone directly into the body; injections that deliver testosterone directly into the body; implants that allow testosterone to slowly be released into the body over a certain period of time; and testosterone pills that can be taken orally.

Risks associated with testosterone therapy

There are some risks associated with choosing testosterone therapy, which tend to increase when testosterone is taken over a long period of time. Some of the more common risks associated include acne problems, sleeping problems, increasing breast size, limited sperm production, a decrease in testicle size and an increase in one’s chances of being diagnosed with heart disease.

Lifestyle factors that directly affect testosterone levels

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can have quite a positive impact on one’s testosterone levels. This includes choosing nutritional foods to eat, exercising on a regular basis, understanding how to deal with the everyday stresses of life, getting plenty of sleep every night, limiting one’s intake of alcohol and not smoking.

Those who want to make life improvements yet are experiencing difficulties in doing so should let their health professional know so that they can get the advice and help they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Getting a full assessment

Getting a full assessment to find out if testosterone therapy is the right choice for you is your first step when you are experiencing low testosterone levels. If a health professional determines that testosterone therapy is indeed right for you, which is often done using a simple blood or saliva test, then the two of you can discuss and choose one of the many therapy options currently available.

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