Soprano ICE titanium at Nuceria Health

As we offer such a wide range of procedures, supplements, and healthcare solutions at Nuceria Health, combining multiple aesthetic procedures is always an option. For example, skin tightening following laser hair removal can promote a youthful look, or simple skin care options like a facial will leave your smooth skin looking its best.

Our technicians and aestheticians are well-informed on what procedures can be undertaken together and can also build a personal program for you over a few weeks or months.

The Soprano ICE Titanium uses SHR™, which is Alma Lasers’ proprietary hair removal method. This laser-based hair removal works on all skin types, including darker skin. After SHR treatment, sun exposure causes less skin damage than usual.

We have been using a Soprano Ice Platinum for some time, so we have a lot of experience with the Soprano hair removal technology. This means we’ll use every new feature of Soprano Ice Titanium to ensure our clients get the best results possible from their hair removal appointments at Nuceria Health.

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How Does the Soprano Ice Titanium Work?

The Soprano ICE Titanium is the newest, most advanced hair removal technology from cutting-edge ALMA Lasers.

It is more comfortable than most laser hair removal options because it uses fast pulses rather than one single high-energy laser pulse. This means you will not only be more comfortable during treatment, plus there will also be less or no skin trauma after your appointment. Despite this, the Soprano Ice Titanium heats hair follicles to a level that damages them, preventing regrowth.

The Ice Titanium cools the skin as your aesthetician works, which helps with quick healing as well as ensuring comfort throughout the procedure.

New Model, New Features: What’s Different About the Soprano Ice Titanium?

The Soprano Ice Titanium combines three wavelengths to destroy hair follicles at the root without damaging the skin. This means it works far quicker than single-wavelength laser systems, meaning fewer appointments.

The new model has a large coverage area of 4cm. This further reduces treatment time, making a hair removal treatment appointment at Nuceria Health easy to fit into your day and once again reducing pain and minimizing any healing time.

From the point of view of the professional aestheticians at Nuceria Health, a larger screen and dual connections mean that their work is easier, and they can concentrate on the entirety of your holistic health experience with us.

Coming in for Soprano Ice Titanium Hair Removal Treatment? Here’s What You Need to Know

Permanent hair removal treatment with the Soprano Ice Titanium system is suitable for almost everyone. Around 6-8 treatments should result in between a 60 and a 90% reduction in hair growth, depending on the area of your body being treated, your skin type, and the thickness of your hair.

The treatment can be slightly uncomfortable. You will find out how it feels for you when your aesthetician carries out a patch test. For most of our clients, the cooling technology and sapphire tip combined mean they only feel a warming sensation. If you have patches of darker hair or more sensitive skin, you might feel pins and needles-like sensations or some tingling and uncomfortable heat.

This isn’t a sign there is anything wrong. Still, at Nuceria Health, we’re more than happy to talk through what’s normal and what isn’t and your options for hair removal and aftercare.

Preparing for Hair Removal Treatment

In the weeks before a Soprano Ice Titanium hair removal appointment with Nuceria Health, avoid all hair removal options apart from shaving for at least six weeks. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hair removal creams
  • Plucking
  • Waxing
  • Epilating
  • Threading
You should also avoid intentional tanning and fake tan for two weeks before each appointment and try to keep the skin being treated out of the sun for one week before each appointment.

Aftercare for Hair Removal Treatment

After treatment, your skin may be tender. In some cases, it might also be red. Use aftersun or aloe vera gel to calm your skin. Both work best right out of the fridge.
Try to keep treated areas of skin out of direct sunlight for a few days. If you are exposed to sunshine, use a strong sunscreen (factor 30-50) on the areas of your skin that were treated.
Finally, avoid exposure to heat for 48-72 hours. This includes hot baths, hot showers, hot tubs, etc.

Is Soprano Ice Titanium Laser Hair Removal Right For Me?

Soprano Ice Titanium hair removal is suitable for almost everyone healthy and over 18.
Unfortunately, we can’t treat:

  • People taking most anti-acne medications
  • Pregnant people
  • Anyone currently on antibiotics
  • Anyone with sunburn
  • People with photo-sensitivity or people taking medicines (herbal or western) that may cause photo-sensitivity


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Frequently Asked Questions

In almost all cases, 6-8 treatments will thin hair out by a minimum of 60% up to 90%. The exact number of treatments needed for you will depend on your skin tone and the thickness of your hair.

Because of the multiple less intensive pulses emitted by Soprano Ice Titanium vs.. many laser hair removal systems’ single stronger pulse, treatments are perfectly safe for skin with more melanin.

Yes, this hair removal technology works on darker skin, including tanned skin. It should be noted, however, that you need to avoid both sun exposure and fake tan for two weeks before a Soprano Ice Titanium hair removal appointment.

Due to the larger area of the new Ice Titanium, each of your 6-8 sessions should take less than an hour. The exception is the day of your skin test, which needs to be carried out 8 hours before full treatment begins. Of course, you can pop in early for a skin test and return for an appointment at lunchtime! Talk to the staff at Nuceria Health for more info

In a word, no. Hair removal with a Soprano Ice Titanium hair removal system shouldn’t hurt. The system’s unique cooling technology keeps you comfortable during your sessions, and there should be minimal soreness afterward. That being said, we all have different pain thresholds. There may be some discomfort during and after sessions. If you are in pain during an appointment, let your Nuceria Health aesthetician know. We will also always provide aftercare advice.