NAD and the body

NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an important co-enzyme the body produces naturally and resides in every cell. Cells rely on NAD for fundamental biological processes. These processes include DNA repair, supporting the immune system, and managing energy levels in the body.
As people age, their levels of NAD fall. Low levels of NAD are associated with many of the telltale signs of aging affecting cognition, appearance, mental clarity, energy level, and physical function. These lower levels have been linked with harmful diseases as well, including heart disease, Alzheimer's, and diabetes. Finding a way to increase these levels helps fight the effects of aging.

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What is NAD Therapy

Since raising the levels of NAD is instrumental in anti-aging medicine. For years, there have been supplements on the market one can take orally. However, since these supplements must go through the digestive tract, they lose some of their effectiveness because the body will not fully absorb the dosage one takes.
Enter NAD therapy. Because it is delivered through IV, the body can make use of the highest amount of the NAD supplement. This makes it the most effective way for the body to access the anti-aging benefits of this co-enzyme.

Benefits of NAD Therapy

NAD Therapy addresses a wide range of concerns from the aesthetic to the health-related. The therapy has even shown promise as a tool in addiction recovery. Patients have benefited from this treatment in a variety of ways, including:

  • Pain and fatigue reduction
  • Improved mental function and memory
  • Boosted energy
  • Help maintaining a healthy weight
  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles
NAD IV Therapy has even proven useful against depression and Parkinson’s disease.

Who is a Candidate for NAD Therapy

Anyone struggling with the effects of aging can benefit from this therapy. It can even benefit athletes who wish to improve their performance. Those with age-related conditions who wish to diminish those effects or delay the onset symptoms can find help as well.
Our team will perform a complete physical exam in order to help you decide if this treatment is the best option for you to optimize your health. NAD Therapy often offers improved benefits when combined with other anti-aging therapy. In addition, a patient's results will be enhanced when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The Treatment Process

Once the physical exam is completed and the patient’s goals have been discussed, we will present a treatment plan best suited to their wants and needs. For maximum benefit, a series of treatments may be recommended. We advise each individual as to the number and frequency of treatments likely to produce the results they seek.
NAD therapy sessions can range from 2 to 4 hours. They may be longer depending on the patient's needs and goals. The patient can relax in a comfortable chair while a professional member of our team administers the therapy. We make every effort to make our patients comfortable during treatment. Many people bring music to listen to or a book to read while their bodies get a much-deserved recharge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very much up to you. We will likely recommend a series of initial treatments that are either spaced out or consecutive. Then, we may suggest a schedule for maintenance treatments. After reviewing your exam results and lab work, we will construct a customized treatment plan geared toward accomplishing your goals.

Many patients notice results after the very first treatment. Benefits can continue to manifest up to two weeks after that initial treatment. Results vary by person and can be enhanced when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

All medical procedures carry risks. However, NAD therapy carries few risks or side effects when the treatment plan is tailored to the patient and performed by a qualified professional in a medical setting. Our team is well experienced in NAD Therapy and able to handle any complications that might arise.

Yes, there are steps the patient can take to increase NAD levels naturally. We encourage you to take these steps. We find they help our patients get the most out of the treatments we provide. We can offer you advice on a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes shown to enhance NAD levels and your overall health as well.

Absolutely, there are supplements that are safe and offer some benefit. However, since they must travel through the digestive system, much of their potency is lost. The IV delivers NAD to your bloodstream instantly for the maximum level of absorption.