Why Vitamin Injections

In an ideal world, people get all the vitamins they need from the food they eat. However, with people’s busy lives these days, many are finding they need a little help. Chances are you or someone you know takes some type of oral vitamin to supplement their diet. A recent poll found that more than four out of five American adults take take vitamins or suppolements. However, are they getting the maximum benefit?
When vitamins are digested, a portion of their potency is lost through the digestion process. In many cases, when one takes an oral vitamin less than 10% is absorbed into the bloodstream. However, vitamins injected directly into the bloodstream are absorbed 100%.

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How Vitamin Injections Can Help

Vitamins injections are helping our patients enhance their health in a number of ways and giving their bodies a much-deserved recharge. Reported benefits include:

  • An elevated mood and reduced stress
  • Better blood sugar management
  • Enhanced weight loss efforts
  • Glowing skin and healthier hair and nails
  • Improved stamina and energy
  • Strengthened immunity
Patients have even reported improvements in mental sharpness. Because people are getting the maximum nutrients, the results they notice are more immediate and pronounced.

Popular Vitamin Injections

B vitamin injections are among the most popular. B12 is an essential nutrient the body cannot produce on its own. It is vital for brain and nervous system function and the production of red blood cells. B12 injections provide a much-needed boost to those feeling depleted and fatigued. Those wishing to enhance their weight loss efforts and boost their mood may benefit from B6 injections
Other popular vitamin injections include C, D, and glutathione injections. Vitamin C is a well-known immune system booster that even assists with weight loss when combined with moderate exercise. Vitamin D injections can be beneficial in fighting obesity, high blood pressure, and chronic inflammation. D is also a nutrient many are deficient in and do not even know it. Glutathione is an antioxidant many have never heard of, yet it is a powerful source against the aging process.

Who is a Good Candidate

For years, doctors have used vitamin injections to help those with severe deficiencies who have trouble absorbing certain nutrients. However, anyone experiencing a vitamin deficiency may benefit from this treatment. This treatment can serve anyone who feels they need to strengthen their immunity, boost their energy, and support overall wellness. Those who also want to supercharge their metabolism and speed up weight loss efforts can benefit as well. Vitamin shots have helped adults sharpen their thinking skills, and athletes enhance their athletic performance.

The Treatment Process

When treating new patients, we like to get an idea of their general health and goals for treatment. Our team will review a patient’s health history and ask them about their lifestyle and any medical conditions or allergies to medications. Last, we will discuss with them what they hope to gain from treatment.
After thoroughly reviewing a patient’s case, we will suggest a protocol for treatment we feel will best help them meet their goals. This protocol can be adjusted at any time to better serve the patient. Our protocols are tailored to each unique individual, taking into account their concerns and preferences. We follow up with the patient throughout treatment to make sure they are on target to meet their goals and pleased with results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

When performed by a trained professional in a medical setting, vitamin injections are safe. Not everyone is comfortable with needles, and any time there is a break in the skin, there is some risk, however small. Our highly trained staff pays strict attention to detail when it comes to keeping our patients safe.

The possible side effects depend on the type of injection and the patient. We use the patient’s medical history to help avoid matching them with a treatment that will cause an adverse reaction. Side effects are generally rare, and our staff is well versed in how to handle adverse reactions should they happen.

This is hard to answer without first examining your situation and discussing your goals. Some get the improvement they need in one visit, while others need a series of treatments. One thing we do know is that patients often get the best benefit from vitamin injections as part of an overall treatment protocol.

This is why the medical examination and taking of a patient’s health history are so important. It is just as important to know the patient’s current health situation as it is to know their goals for treatment. Reviewing your medical history, lab work, and health complaints will give us an idea of where you may need more support. That, combined with knowing what you want to get out of treatment, will help us recommend the right protocol for you.

We can help you with this as well. The exam will help us determine where you may be deficient. With that knowledge, we can not only tell you which of our treatments can help you but give you the tools to support your health naturally. We consider vitamin injections a compliment to a healthy lifestyle.