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Basic Hair Loss Test (Pre-Finasteride Blood Panel)


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Consultations should be completed within 15 minutes, depending on your wellness needs and your familiarity with the therapies. Our doctors try to stay on schedule, as everyone’s time is valuable. If you still have questions at the end of your 15-minute appointment, you can simply schedule another consultation at no cost. We switched to a subscription model to improve access to our providers.


This service is usually completed within 15 mins, depending on your needs and goals. Our doctors try to stay on schedule, as everyone’s time is valuable. Since we are aware that everyone values their time, our specialists try to stay on schedule. If you still have questions that were left unanswered, feel free to book another wellness consultation at no charge. 

Are you ready to get your hair back? This blood test provides an analysis of your overall health, as well as hormones, to provide the best hair growth treatment using a protocol tailored to your needs. There are multiple causes of hair loss which ultimately stop your hair follicles from regenerating. One of the most common factors, stress, causes your body to produce more cortisol - the stress hormone. This decreases the levels of collagen production and counteracts insulin, beginning hair loss. Another major factor in hair loss is a nutrition deficiency, which is known to be linked to premature male pattern baldness. Nutrient deficiencies, like low levels of zinc, protein, and biotin, have all been linked to hair loss. On the other hand, an excessive amount of these nutrients can produce the same outcome – premature male pattern baldness. The last, and most important, factor of hair loss is a hormonal imbalance. The hormones in your body are in charge of regulating all bodily functions, one of these functions being hair growth. When there is an imbalance of these hormones, it can affect the body’s ability to continue regulating these functions, which ultimately leads to hair loss. 

The relationship between hormones and hair loss are unconditional. This service allows your hormone levels to be assessed by a physician, including levels such as testosterone, DHT, cortisol, and thyroids. These levels can help determine the cause of your hair loss, allowing us here at Nuceria to come up with the best treatment plan for your needs. This service includes lab work here at Nuceria and a consultation with one of our specialists. During this consultation, our specialist will work with you to help you get to where you need to be, along with assessing any other needs you may have.


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