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Fat Loss Handbook by Dr. Joey


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The purpose of this eBook is to give you the fundamentals of what really matters for fat loss. I’m tired of people sending me messages asking questions about random nutrition myths surrounding fat loss. Some of the main ones include questions like:

  • Will sugar make you fat?
  • If you eat a high-fat diet, do you gain fat?

My ultimate goal is to give basic nutrition education to as many people as possible so that silly statements like these are better understood. With every download, I am one step closer to that goal! After reading this eBook you should be less confused about all the contradicting nutrition claims that people make, and understand the fundamentals of what drives weight gain or weight loss.

Objectives for this eBook:

  • Understand the relationship between calories, energy balance, and bodyweight.
  • Determine appropriate calorie & macronutrient requirements for you
  • Tailor your requirements based on your progress

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